How To Choose The Best Bike Trailer For Kids?

A bike trailer allows you to combine exercise with quality time spent with your kids. It also gives your kids an opportunity to experience the outdoors and develop an interest in cycling.

And, of course, it’s tons of fun for them.

In this buying guide, we help you pick out the best bike trailer for your family. We provide some tips on how to choose the best trailer for your needs and review the five best bike trailers available online in the UK.

What to consider when choosing a bike trailer for kids

a) Safety

When you are cycling, you won’t be able to keep a constant eye on your kid in the trailer behind you to make sure they are safe. For peace of mind, get the safest bike trailer you can find.

Here are the must-have safety features to look for.

  • Safety harnesses: Look for a bike trailer with a 5-point safety harness or belt to keep your child in place when on the road. Even older kids need to use a safety harness. It keeps them safe over bumps and slopes and in case of an accident.
  • Roll bar: A metal roll bar prevents the trailer from collapsing inwards and injuring your child if there’s an accident and the trailer overturns.
  • Bright flag: Because the bike trailer is low on the ground, it can be hard for other motorists to notice it. A bright flag on the trailer improves visibility on the road. Not all bike trailers come with a flag. If the one you order doesn’t, consider buying one and fixing it on the bike yourself.

Other important safety features include reflective materials on the trailer, a wide wheel base for stability and wheels with good grip.

b) Cabin size: One or two children

Next up, check the trailer’s cabin size. You don’t need to know the dimensions. Just check the product description for details on whether the cabin is for one or two kids.

If you have two kids that are close in age, look for a trailer that can hold two children.

c) Weight and age limit

For safety reasons, it is essential that you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Many manufacturers will post two types of weight limits: the maximum and payload weight limit.

The maximum weight limit refers to the weight of the cabin as well as the child inside. It ranges between 30 and 50kg depending on the design and build quality of the trailer.

The payload weight limit is the weight of your child and anything else (e.g. toys or bag of groceries) in the cabin. It ranges between 15 and 30kg.

If you are buying a trailer for two kids, make sure their combined weight doesn’t exceed the posted weight limit.

Also check the age limit. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 9-12 months.

d) Comfort and weather protection

The seats should be comfortable enough such that your child can even sleep while you are on the road.

For comfort over bumps and ruts, look for a trailer with independent suspension.

Something else to look for is weather protection. Trailers typically have a fabric top with mesh on the sides and front for visibility.

At the minimum, the top cover should provide sun protection. Other trailers also include a rain cover in case an unexpected shower catches you before you get home.

If the trailer you want to buy doesn’t have a sun or rain cover, you can usually buy them separately.

e) Convertible to stroller

Many bike trailers today can also be used as strollers. So if you also jog sometimes or love going on walks, you can still use the trailer.

First, check whether it is convertible. Convertible trailers have a removable front wheel. Remove the wheel to hook it up to your bike, attach it to use the trailer as a running or walking stroller.

If you decide a convertible stroller is the best option for you, check that it comes with a sturdy push handle.

f) Extras

These are not essential features but they are nice to have.

  • Roll up rain/sun cover. Rolling up the cover gives your child a direct view of the outdoors. Ideal for trails and roads where there aren’t many cars (meaning less exhaust) and it’s not too dusty.
  • Storage compartment to put toys or a shopping bag. Make sure not to put something too heavy in the storage compartment.
  • Collapsible design. Makes it easy to fold the trailer and travel with it. Ideal if you plan to take your kids on family bike riding adventures.

The Best Bike Trailer For Kids

1. SAMAX Children Bike Trailer Review

SAMAX Children Bike Trailer 2in1 Kids Jogger Stroller with Suspension 360° rotatable Childs Bicycle Trailer Transport Buggy Carrier for 2 Kids in Purple - Black Frame

This is a 2-in-1 bike trailer and jogging (or walking) stroller.

Converting it from trailer to jogger takes less than a minute and you don’t need any tools. Just remove the wheel to use it as a trailer or attach it to push it along as a stroller using the attached push bar.

The cabin size is large enough to comfortably hold two kids. Their combined weight should not be more than 17kg. So depending on the age of your kids, you may be forced to carry just one child in the trailer.

The bench seat is comfortable and, most importantly, safe. The waist belt and shoulder straps keep them safely in place when you are cycling or jogging.

The trailer also has a roll bar to protect them in case the trailer overturns.

The 10-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) tires provide grip and traction on different kinds of surfaces. They are high enough for easy and safe riding on an uneven road.

Talking of uneven, the trailer comes with a spring loaded rear axle that absorbs shock as the trailer goes over bumps and ruts.

For ease of navigation when jogging, the front wheel rotates 360-degrees. This makes steering super easy even around tight corners.

The SAMAX bike trailer is available in four styles including blue, green, red and purple.

What we like about it:

  • For one or two kids.
  • Convertible to stroller.
  • Roll bar, harnesses, flag and reflectors for safety.
  • Comes with light rain cover and insect screen.

2. Crane 2 in 1 Children’s Trailer Review

Crane 2 in 1 Children's Trailer Bicycle Trailer + Jogger TÜV/GS for 2 Children

This is another good choice if you are looking for an affordable bike trailer cum jogging stroller that can fit two kids.

The max payload weight is 20.2kg. Make sure you stay under that number when going riding with two kids.

It has all the usual safety features: 5-point safety belts for two occupants, a sturdy but lightweight steel frame and a roll bar.

Additional safety features include a parking brake, a safety flag to improve visibility on the road and reflectors.

The 20” rear wheels provide easy mobility on different kinds of surfaces from tarmac to dirt.

The smaller front wheel comes off easily when you need to convert from stroller to trailer. It’s just as easy to re-attach it for use as a stroller.

Don’t worry about being caught in the rain when out riding. The trailer top features a rain cover that provides good protection from light showers.

It also comes with a sun cover as well as an insect screen.

Outwards visibility in the trailer is pretty good. Kids can look out the front through the clear screen that curves upwards towards the top of the trailer. They can also look to their side through the mesh screens.

If you are planning to take the trailer on trips far away from home, you’ll be glad to know it is foldable. Makes it easier to stuff it in the car boot.

The Crane trailer is available only in a red and black style.

What we like about it:

  • Fits one or two kids.
  • Convertible to a stroller.
  • Provides protection from sun and rain.
  • Safety features.
  • Foldable.

3. Burley Unisex’s MY16 2-Seater Bike Trailer Review

Burley Unisex MY16 2-Seater Bike, Honeybee Red

For parents looking for something more premium and stylish, we recommend the Burley MY16 2-seater bike trailer.

It’s more expensive than most other bike trailers but it also has more and better features.

For example, it features adjustable suspension to ensure a smooth ride on all surfaces. The pneumatic tires also feel comfortable for the kids.

They are more likely to snooze off rather than watch the countryside through the generously sized mesh screens.

Inside the trailer, a comfortable seat holds up to two kids. The seat is padded and sprung for added comfort.

The bowed out sides ensure both kids have plenty of shoulder room.

As for safety, the Burley trailer comes with safety harnesses for two kids, a roll bar for protection in case of an accident and a parking brake.

The tinted windows provide UV protection while also keeping out dust and insects. There’s also an adjustable sunshade that completely blocks the sun.

The top is water resistant, including the zippers. This ensures no water leakage if it starts raining.

Converting the trailer to a stroller is easy and doesn’t require any tools. The stroller has an integrated push bar that can be adjusted to fit all parents.

A storage compartment at the rear comes in handy when you need to carry groceries, toys, baby items and other things.

When you get back home, the trailer folds easily into a compact shape for effortless storage.

The Burley trailer is available in blue and red styling.

What we like about it:

  • Fits one or two kids.
  • Foldable for easy storage & transportation.
  • Safety features.
  • Convertible to stroller.
  • Storage compartment.

4. Bellelli 20″ Jogger Review

DuraMaxx Trailer Swift - Bike trailer, Stroller, Baby trailer 2-seater, 5-point seat belts, Conversion to jogger model, Fly screen and rain cover, Luggage compartment: 37.5 liters, Red

This is the best option if you are looking for a high-capacity bike trailer and jogging stroller. The total weight capacity – payload + trailer – is 50kg.

The trailer weighs 12kg so that leaves you with 38kg to work with. The back pocket can hold stuff weighing up to 3kg.

So for kids, the max weight limit is 35kg. That’s much better than the 20kg you get with other bike trailers. You can carry two 3-4 year olds weighing about 16kg each or an older and younger child (at least 9 months).

If you are carrying one child, they can ride in the trailer until they are around 6 years.

The trailer is well made with a sturdy frame and three 20” tires. The three-wheeled configuration is for when you are using it as a jogging stroller. To attach it to your bike, remove the wheel.

A five-point safety harness keeps your kid securely in place even on a rough road.

The Bellelli trailer has one of the best outward visibilities of any bike trailer. At the front is a large insect screen that stretches from top to bottom, providing excellent views of the road ahead.

You can roll up the screen for better visibility or leave it down if it’s too windy.

The side windows also provide plenty of visibility.

For visibility from other road users, the trailer has two side reflectors one each wheel, a red reflector at the rear and a white reflector at the front.

That’s not all. At the rear, a battery-powered red backlight provides great visibility in low light.

There’s also a safety flag.

The Bellelli trailer is available in only one style: a beautiful orange, white and black combo.

What we like about it:

  • Plenty of safety features, including a rear light.
  • Fits one or two kids.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Good outward visibility for kids.

5. DuraMaxx Trailer Swift Bike Trailer Review

Bellelli 20 "Jogger W Travel Buggy Children's Children's Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller, Orange

Like the other bike trailers, the DuraMaxx Trailer Swift fits one or two kids with a minimum age limit of 12 months. This is when most kids are able to sit up independently.

The maximum load capacity is just 20kg so you’ll need to crunch the numbers properly if you are planning to carry along two kids.

You can carry two 1-2 year olds weighing about 9-10kg each. If it’s just one kid, the age limit is about 6 years (though it’ll depend on your kid’s weight).

The trailer cabin features a comfortable seat and two 5-point safety harnesses. The view outside the cabin is great thanks to the large curving front screen and the two side windows.

A suspended axle provides a comfortable ride on uneven roads.

The trailer converts easily to a stroller by attaching the third wheel. The push bar with attached brake makes for easy steering when jogging or walking.

The polyester top is water resistant. It provides protection from light rain showers. If the weather is clear, you can roll up the rain cover to provide better visibility and airflow.

Overall, a pretty good bike trailer for the price. It’s one of the more affordable bike trailers available online. It offers solid safety, good comfort and a nice red and black styling.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Fits one or two kids.
  • Safety features.
  • Convertible to stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are bike trailers safe for babies and infants?

Bike trailers are not recommended for babies and infants under 1 year of age because of safety reasons. Check the manufacturer-recommended age limit for a particular trailer. For most it’s at least 1 year, while others recommend using the trailer with kids at least 18 months old.

2. Does my child need to wear a helmet while in the bike trailer?

Yes, it’s important for your child to have a helmet on while in the trailer. It provides extra protection should there be an accident such as the trailer rolling over.

In addition to a helmet, make sure the trailer has other safety measures including harnesses and a roll bar.

3. How many kids can ride in a bike trailer?

You can fit 1 or 2 kids in a bike trailer depending on whether it is a single or double cabin trailer. If you are shopping for a double cabin trailer, don’t forget to check the weight limit of the trailer and make sure the combined weight of your kids does not exceed it.

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