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Now that your little girl is growing up, you might be thinking about getting her on a bike to start practicing so that she won’t have any problems riding when she gets a little bit older. Riding a bike is a great activity for your child and it’s something that you want to make sure they know how to do.

The best way to start your child on the path to learning how to ride a bicycle is by using a balance bike. A balance bike, as the name would suggest, is essentially just a bike frame that doesn’t have pedals and is designed to help your child learn how to balance when they are on a bicycle.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a balance bike for your daughter, one of the five reviews on this post might provide you with the perfect option!

Recommended Product Reviews

1. WeeRide Girl's Slyde Balance Bike

WeeRide Girl's Slyde Balance Bike

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This particular bike is an awesome choice for your little girl if you want to find her something that will look great while she is riding it but will also provide her with a solid bike to last a long time without needing to replace it.

It comes in a two-tone pink color that looks amazing no matter where your child is going to ride this bike. This bike comes with a sturdy, lightweight construction so you can easily bring the bike with you wherever you go.

If your family is heading to the park or a trail and you want your little girl to have her bike, that can easily be done with this bike. Despite it being lightweight, it is still strong and durable.

The style of this bike is similar to that of a motorbike rather than a traditional bicycle, so if you like to find something different and unique, this could be a great choice. Since your girl is going to grow while she owns the bike, it’s important to have a bike that can grow with her and this bike does just that.

It has four different height settings for both the seat and the handlebar so your girl will always find the right height for her.

The quiet ride, no flat tires mean that you won’t ever have to worry about replacing her tires due to a flat or filling them up with more air. This bike can be assembled in just minutes thanks to its easy assembly design.

2. Cosmic Princess Balance Bike Cycle Bicycle

Cosmic Princess Balance Bike Cycle Bicycle

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Unlike the bike that was reviewed above, this particular bike is a great choice if you’re looking for a classic bicycle look for your daughter and you don’t want them to have the motorbike look that the previous one had.

This bike has a similar pink bike frame to provide an eye-catching look and features a princess design on the handlebars that is perfect for training your own little princess.

Since comfort matters, this bike features an extremely comfortable cushioned saddle to keep your daughter comfortable throughout the ride.

This bike is a great stepping stone before you buy her a full bicycle as this one helps perfect your balance and coordination while riding the bike.

The frame on this bike is made of steel so it will stand up to most conditions that you may put it through while your daughter is using it.

The 10” mag wheels provide your daughter with a solid foundation to ride on without having to worry about the durability of the tires.

The handlebar plaque features a colorful and fun princess cartoon on it that your daughter is sure to love. This bike has a recommended inside leg measurement of 12 to 15 inches and the bike is designed for ages 2-4.

3. Townsend Duo Girls' Balance Bike

Townsend Duo Girls' Balance Bike

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If you’re looking to buy a balance bike for your daughter that is both affordable and full of useful features, then this bike is going to be the perfect choice for you!

Like most of the bikes that have been reviewed, this bike has an emphasis on a pink colored frame but also features a lot of white, so as your daughter grows up, the bike won’t be as girly if she doesn’t want it to be.

This balance bike is perfect because it can accommodate toddlers who are looking to use a bike before they are introduced to the concept of pedaling.

And if your child quickly outgrows this balance bike, you can rest easy because the frame on it can be inverted so that it grows with your child. Since you won’t have to worry about your child outgrowing it quickly, it can be far less financial stress on you as a parent.

The hi tensile steel frame is both strong and durable and it allows for your daughter to quickly and easily step over the frame to get onto the bike.

Once they are on the bike, they’ll enjoy the overall comfort of the ride thanks to a comfortable saddle and comfy, ergonomic grips on the handlebars. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about the tires on this bike thanks to the mag wheels that feature puncture proof tire technology.

4. Lightweight Girls Pink Childrens Kids Balance Bike

Lightweight Girls Pink Childrens Kids Balance Bike

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If you want to go all out finding your daughter a balance bike that she’s going to love thanks to the look of it, this is the bike for you.

This bike comes with a pink frame that features flowers on it, so you know your daughter will love riding this bike whenever she can.

This bike is incredibly light, which makes it easy to carry and bring with your wherever you go. Additionally, assembly is a breeze thanks to the simple design of the balance bike.

This bike features a sturdy polypropylene frame with 12” wheels and a lightweight frame that can easily be cleaned off if it happens to get dirty.

The seat on this bike is easily adjustable, which means when your daughter grows, the bike can grow to. This bike is also designed to improve your child’s core stability and balance while also improving their posture and their confidence in riding a bike.

Since there are some days where the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate enough for your kid to get outside, you’ll love knowing that this bike can be used both inside or outside, so your kid can always be ready to use it! The adjustable seat features heights ranging from 35.5cm to 44.5cm, so there is plenty of room for growth.

The overall measurements of this bike include a length of 84cm, a handlebar width of 40cm and a height of 52cm. As always, make sure this bike is always used under close adult supervision and the proper safety equipment should be worn at all times.

5. Girls Official Disney Princesses 2 In 1 10" Balance & Pedal Mode Training Bike

Girls Official Disney Princesses 2 In 1 10 Balance & Pedal Mode Training Bike

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If your child is obsessed with and loves the Disney princesses, then this is going to be the only bike you can buy for her.

With a great looking pink and purple frame decorated with all of the most popular Disney princesses, your daughter is going to love riding this balance bike any chance she gets.

The bike measures in at 25cm with 10” wheels. Both the wheels and the frame are lightweight to allow for easy transportation from place to place.

Despite how lightweight this bike is, you won’t have to worry about how it holds up in certain conditions. The tires are completely puncture proof and the front mudguard helps ensure that the bike and your daughter will stay clean throughout the duration of the ride.

Since your daughter is going to grow as she owns the bike, it’s important that you find a bike that is going to grow with her.

The adjustable handlebar and seat height mean that you’ll have no problem adjusting this bike for your daughter's growth.

Once you feel your daughter has outgrown the balance bike, you can easily add on pedals for her to start practicing what it is like to ride a real bike.

The colorful character plaque on the front features three of the most popular Disney princesses that your daughter is sure to recognize.

Final Verdict

Finding the right balance bike for your daughter to use is pretty important. You want to make sure that you find one with plenty of features that they're going to enjoy using now, but you also want to make sure that you’re finding one that will grow with them rather than only last for a little bit of time.

Fortunately, some of the products discussed in this review are some of the best balance bikes that you can currently find.

So whether you’re worried about finding a durable frame, puncture proof tires or maybe even a comfy seat and handlebars for your daughter, you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for.

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