Puky Lr1 Balance Bike Review


This early learning bike can help your child learn how to ride.  It’s recommended for younger children, and they’ll love the red and yellow colors on the bike.  The pneumatic tires prevent them from going flat easily.

They make the bike more comfortable for your kids to ride around.  It does have adjustable parts to help your child reach the pedals and sit in a comfortable position.

If you’re thinking about getting a bike to teach your child how to ride a bike, you will be thrilled with this one.  They’ll be naturals when they’re riding down the street.


The handlebars and the seat are adjustable to give your child a comfortable riding position.  They’ll be able to learn the proper sitting position on the bike.  It’s ideal for letting your child grow into the bike.

While it is not recommended for children younger than two and a half, it is still a great bike to teach your child how to ride.  They’ll be riding around in the most comfortable position.


Many children’s bikes don’t include a kickstand, which can be cumbersome, especially if they keep dropping it on the ground.  The kickstand is an excellent addition because your child will learn how to keep the bike in great condition.

Teaching your children how to use a kickstand will teach them how to properly care for their belongings.  When they know what the kickstand is for, and when to use it, they’ll be able to use the bike for a long time.


A lot of parents fear that a child’s bike might not hold up for too long, especially when they’re younger.  The bike is built to withstand all the banging around your children will be doing.

Since it is durable and sturdy, when they fall with the bike, it won’t bend or break.  They’ll be able to use the bike for a long time, which can eventually be passed down.


The red and yellow colors on the bike give it a unique style they will love.  Your children will want to show off their bike to every one of their friends.

If you want your children to keep riding the bike, having some style will keep them riding.  When your children love the colors on their toys, they are more likely to play with them.


The pneumatic tires are built for durability that will last them a long time.  Even when they ride over rough terrain, the tires won’t go flat.  They provide comfort while your child is riding, which helps them learn faster.

They will want to ride the bike from dawn till dusk.  You won’t have to worry about needing to replace the tires until they’re worn down.

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  • Durable enough to last for years
  • Seat and handlebars are adjustable
  • Allows independence


  • Parts may start to squeak
  • Not sold in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it suitable for an 8-year old?

A: Depending on how tall they are, it may work for them.

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Final Verdict

This little bike is ideal for any child that is learning how to ride a bike for the first time.  If you have a young child over two, they’ll be able to learn how to ride a bike effortlessly.

It’s the ideal way for them to learn, especially when they’re young.  The biggest drawback is that it isn’t sold in the United States.  If you’re in the UK, you will be able to purchase the bike and have it shipped to you.

It has everything a child would want in a bike, including an adjustable seat and handlebars.  The pneumatic tires are perfect for making it last for years.

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