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How To Teach A Toddler To Ride A Tricycle

There are certain milestones in a child’s life that make a parent so proud. One of these proud moments includes watching junior ride a bike for the first time. But before they are old enough to handle two wheelers, it’s always advisable to start with tricycles first. Teaching your young ones how to pedal a […]

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9 Tips On How To Drive An Electric Scooter Safely

Electric scooters for kids have become very popular these days. They provide huge fun but can also be potentially dangerous if the correct safety rules are not adhered to. You ought to tell your child to drive an electric scooter carefully and attentively since most accidents happen when kids lose concentration on the environment around […]

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Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Introduction This bike is heavy duty enough to handle anything thrown at it.  It’s the best thing for a bike to be durable enough to handle your children riding it.  If they have never ridden a bike before, this is an excellent bike for teaching them. It has solid rubber tires that will run over […]

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Chicco Arrow Balance Bike Review

Introduction When your children are young, teaching them proper riding techniques is critical.  This bike will help younger children learn the proper techniques and postures for riding a bike. The tires are heavy duty, which allows them to go over rough terrain easily.  The bike is ultralight, which is ideal for a child that is […]

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