Willows Activity Farm Experience Review

Willows Activity Farm is a farm experience and fun park for kids. It features numerous activities for kids including Peter Rabbit shows, animal petting, funfair rides, adventure playgrounds and more.

If you are looking for a place where kids can spend a full day enjoying a wide variety of fun activities in a countryside farm setting, Willows Activity Farm is a great choice. It is located in London Colney along Coursers Road. Read on for our full review of Willows Farm.

What Are You Paying For?

1. Lots of Farm and Non-Farm Activities

The best thing about Willows Activity Farm is the sheer number of activities they have. It’s essentially a combined farm experience and a fun/theme park. So your kids are guaranteed to find something they love.

For the farm activities, kids can walk around and enjoy sights (and sounds and smells) of pigs and piglets, dairy cows, goats, donkeys and dozens of other animals. You can buy food bags and let your kids feed the animals. They can also pet some of the animals including the rabbits and guinea pigs.

Non-farm activities include tractor rides, trampolines, pedal tractors, funfair rides and more. There is also a sand pit, a water play area, splash puddles and more.

They also have a variety of indoor activities including soft play areas, slides, arts and craft areas and plenty more. There’s even an ice rink.

Some of these activities and areas are designed specifically for younger kids, while older kids have their own more thrilling play areas. Kids of all ages are well catered for.

There is so much to do that, no matter what your kid loves, they will find something to enjoy. A lot of parents recommend getting there early so you have time to explore and enjoy as many activities as possible. And even then, you’ll probably not cover everything.

A good portion of the farm is dedicated to Peter Rabbit themed activities. In addition to the Peter Rabbit show, there is the Cotton-tail Village, the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, the Jeremy Fisher Music Pond and the Peter Rabbit Secret Treehouse.

If your kids are fans of Peter Rabbit, Willows Activity Farm is worth a visit, or several.

2. Fun Shows & Events

In addition to all the activities, there are also various shows and events held at Willows Activity Park throughout the year. The most notable one is the Peter Rabbits show at the Peter Rabbit Theatre. This includes a meet and greet with the characters.

Different shows and events are held at different times of the year. For instance, they’ll have themed events at Christmas such as the popular Santa show, at Halloween (their Pumpkin Festival is popular with kids) and other special occasions.

We highly recommend checking What’s On Today and Events pages on their website or app to see events for the day and upcoming events including when Peter Rabbit characters will be around for a meet and great.

3. All-inclusive Tickets With Membership Options

You can book a daily ticket ahead of time or pay for it at the entrance (only cashless payments). There are tickets for adults and kids. Kids under two get in free, though you’ll need to have proof of their age such as a photo of their passport or birth certificate.

Carers also get in at no charge as long as you show supporting documentation.

The tickets are all-inclusive. You only pay once when booking or at the entrance and it covers everything you do inside the Willows Activity Farm. You don’t need to pay extra for activities, shows, events or play areas.

If you plan to come to Willows Farm often, you’ll get better value from their membership options. You can pay monthly or yearly. Once you become a member, Willows Farm guarantees that the membership fee will stay the same for a lifetime, so you get better value over time.

4. Onsite Restaurants or Pack Your Own Food

Willows Activity Farm has several onsite restaurants and cafes where you can buy foods and drinks. Many customers say the variety of foods is not that great especially if you are on a special diet or you want healthier options.

Luckily, Willows Activity Farm allows picnics. You can carry packed food from home and eat it from one of their many picnic tables.

How Easy Is It to Navigate Around the Farm?

Getting to the farm is easy whether you are coming by car, bus or rail. Willows Farm has helpful instructions on their website on how to get there.

Once you are at the farm, navigating around is easy even with multiple kids. Paths are wide and smooth, so you’ll have no trouble using a stroller. The entire farm is also wheelchair accessible.

Be ready to do quite some walking to explore all Willows Farm has to offer. There are plenty of signs and directions, so you easily find your way around. Another thing we love, and parents will appreciate this, is that there are multiple clean bathrooms spread out across the farm. No matter where you are, there is a bathroom nearby.

The only issue raised by parents is that the wait at the gates can be quite long, especially during special events and shows. But there’s plenty around for kids to feast their eyes on, so it’s not a boring wait.


  • Wide range of activities to do — there’s something for every kid.
  • Different shows and events throughout the year, so there’s always something new to go and enjoy.
  • All-inclusive tickets that offer good value for money.
  • Membership options for parents who want to make frequent visits.
  • Easy to get to the farm and navigate around.


  • There isn’t a wide variety of food at the restaurants — but you can pack a picnic.
  • Occasional long queues at the entrance, even if you had pre-booked.

Anything Else You Should Know?

This is Britain, so we are more familiar with rainy days than most of us would like. This can be a bummer for a place like Willows Activity Farm where most of the fun is outside.

Thankfully, they have thought of that. There are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy and sheltered areas (like the Cotton-tail village) where you can pop in for a while when it starts raining.

If the rain goes on for too long, Willows Farm has a Rainy Day Return Guarantee. If it rains for more than an hour between 10am and 4pm, you can return for another visit free of charge. So you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your visit.


There’s so much more about Willows Activity Farm we have not mentioned. The bottom line is that it’s fun, lots of fun. The tickets are fairly priced, especially considering the huge range of activities available.

If you are looking for a place where kids can have different kinds of fun and adventures for an entire day without running you bankrupt, Willows Activity Farm is definitely one of the best places.

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