The Best Dirt Bike For Kids – Guide & Reviews

Has your kid started asking for a dirt bike or are you thinking of buying them one?

Beginner dirt bikes for kids are pretty safe as long as they ride in the right places and wear the right gear. They offer plenty of fun too. Tackling a tough track is a great way to spend the weekend.

This buying guide will help you choose the right dirt bike for your child from those available to buy online in the UK. We’ll also give you five top recommendations including an electric dirt bike, a gas-powered bike and one with stabilisers for easy learning.

What’s a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is essentially a motorcycle designed for use off the road. They are meant for riding on tracks, up and down desert dunes and on off-road trails.

There are major differences between a dirt bike and a normal street bike.

Because it is meant to be driven on rough terrain, dirt bikes have better suspension, a lighter frame and narrower tires with deep treads.

They also lack components like side mirrors, brake lights and indicator lights that are mandatory in road bikes.

For that reason, dirt bikes are usually not street-legal. But there are hybrid ones that can be used both on-road and off-road.

Dirt bikes for kids are smaller and simplified versions of adult dirt bikes.

They have lower speeds and smaller engines (for the gas-powered ones). Most kids’ dirt bikes are only 50cc.

There are also plenty of electric ones that don’t use a conventional engine. Instead they are fitted with a rechargeable battery that can provide 30mins to an hour of continuous riding.

What To Consider When Buying a Dirt Bike For Your Child

A good dirt bike is not cheap. So you need to make sure that they are actually interested in riding a dirt bike.

I recommend going to a dirt bike trail near you and renting a one for a few hours. Let them have a feel of it to be sure that they’ll enjoy riding one of their own.

If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, make sure you pick the right size for your child’s age.

For petrol dirt bikes, most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 13 or 14 years. For electric dirt bikes you can find some low-powered ones ideal for kids as young as 5 years.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age before placing an order.

Ensure the bike is easy to ride. It should be lightweight, have simple controls and not too powerful that they can’t control it properly.

It should be easy to maintain too.

As for price, don’t go for something too expensive. This is a beginner dirt bike after all.

Kids don’t need any of the advanced features in pricey models. A simple, affordable and easy-to-maintain dirt bike is just as fun.

For younger kids you should consider a dirt bike with stabilisers. It will help them learn how to ride the bike faster and more safely.

Riding Gear

Before they take their first ride, make sure your child understands the importance of safety.

Start by choosing quality riding gear together. This includes a helmet, boots, chest and knee protection, gloves and googles.

Teach them to always have their protective gear on whenever they ride.

Best Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike, Blue

This is one of the best electric dirt bike for kids. It can reach speeds of up to 14mph, which is fast enough to be fun for kids but not too fast that it’s a big safety risk.

When fully charged, the rechargeable battery provides 30-40 minutes or around 7 miles of continuous riding.

It is constructed from both plastic and steel, which helps keep the weight down for easier manoeuvring around the trail or track while also ensuring it is sturdy and durable.

The high-torque chain-driven motor provides enough power to tackle different kinds of terrain from flat desert trails to hilly tracks.

The wheels are knobbly to provide better traction on different types of surfaces.

You can adjust the handlebars to make sure your kid can easily reach them.

Other features include a rear brake with a hand-operated lever on the handlebar, twist grip acceleration, folding foot pegs and a retractable kickstand.

You have to do some assembly when the bike comes but it should take just a few minutes. You only need to attach the front wheel and handlebars and then it’s good to go.

The age recommendation is 13 years and over.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Can handle different types of terrain.
  • Adjustable handlebars.

2. FunBikes Super Motard 50cc 48cm Mini Moto Bike, Blue

If you think an electric dirt bike is too limiting in terms of how long your kid can ride it before the battery runs low, this is a good alternative.

It is a compact 50cc petrol dirt bike that comes in a stylish blue and black design.

The 2-stroke engine is designed mostly for tracks but can also do a bit of off-roading on outdoor trails.

It comes with front and rear suspensions for a comfortable ride.

Front and rear disk brakes provide maximum braking performance for enhanced safety. The brake levels on the handlebars are easy to operate.

The twist grip throttle is fun to use and the race exhaust produces a nice roar to get them pumped up.

To ensure safety, the tyres have a deep tread that is specifically designed for wet surfaces.

The minimum recommended age is 8-10 years and the maximum weight is 65kg.

What we like about it:

  • Safe but fun to ride.
  • Rear and front suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Kids can enjoy riding it for longer without having to recharge a battery.

3. Renegade 50R 49cc Petrol Kids Mini Dirt Bike Moto Cross Scrambler, Blue

This is another good option if you don’t want to get an electric dirt bike.

It uses a 50cc 2-stroke petrol engine that produces enough speed to be fun to ride but not too fast that it’s unsafe. The top speed is 15mph.

For added safety the Renegade mini dirt bike comes with a chain guard to prevent any accidental contact with the chain when riding.

Rear and front disk brakes provide excellent braking performance while the knobbly wheels provide good traction on different types of surfaces.

The bike also comes with rear and front suspension for a smoother ride on rough trails.

The frame is very sturdy and can handle lots of stress without any damage.

You’ll need to do some assembly when the bike is delivered. The manufacturer recommends asking a mechanical professional to assemble the bike for you to ensure it’s done properly.

The recommended minimum age is 8 years and the maximum weight is 75kg.

What we like about it:

  • Kids can have fun for longer than if they were riding an electric dirt bike.
  • Sturdy and safe. You can be sure it will last long.
  • Chain guard for extra safety.

4. Soidea 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids, Green

If you want a cooler-looking dirt bike, this is a good choice.

It’s also lots of fun to ride. The easy-pull start ignition, twist grip throttle and easy to use brake levers make it perfect for kids as young as 6 years.

It comes with several safety features included the ability to restrict the throttle (reduced speed), rear and front disk brakes and a sturdy frame.

It also has rear suspension.

The 50cc engine and tires are great for tracks, trails and other dry off road conditions. The maximum speed is around 15mph though you can limit the speed by restricting the throttle.

The bike will require some assembly but the manual has clear instructions to guide you. It shouldn’t be too hard to put it together.

The recommended age is 12+ years but you can also buy it for a kid as young as 6 years. For younger kids, parental supervision is highly recommended.

What we like about it:

  • Safe, fun and easy to ride even for younger kids.
  • Cool design.

5. Duplay Mini Motocross 6v Kids Electric Motorbike Ride On Dirtbike, Yellow

Dirt bikes are not just for 13 and 14 year olds. Younger kids can also have fun with them.

This small electric motorbike is designed for 3-6 year olds. It even comes with stabilisers to help younger riders balance when riding.

It’s an affordable mini dirt bike that young kids will appreciate. It has fewer features than your standard dirt bike but it’s still lots of fun.

The maximum speed is 3km/h (around 1.8mph) which is safe for younger users. For extra fun, it has a working light and sound effects.

The bike can’t exactly go off-road but it is perfect for riding around the backyard. The battery is good for around 1 hour of continuous riding.

The maximum allowable weight is 25kg and the minimum age recommended is 3 years.

What we like about it:

  • Safe for toddlers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fairly long battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age can kids ride a dirt bike?

It depends on the size, type and power of the bike. You can get a small electric dirt bike for a 3-5 year old and a small 50cc gas-powered dirt bike for a kid aged 5 years and older.

Bigger gas-powered bikes are suitable for ages 9 and up.

Always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation when shopping for a dirt bike.

2. How fast does a dirt bike go?

Dirt bikes for kids are designed to go slowly – usually no more than 5MPH. Dirt bikes for older kids (7 years and up), have maximum speeds between 8 and 15 MPH, fast enough for kids to experience a thrill but not too fast that it’s dangerous.

3. Where can kids ride a dirt bike?

Look for a motocross track near you. A motocross track will give your kid the best dirt bike riding experience.

Some bike trails and parks also allow kids on dirt bikes.

If you have a large yard, it’s also a great place for kids to practice their riding skills.

Because most dirt bikes are not road legal, make sure your kid doesn’t ride on the street, road or pavement.

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