Best Push Bike For Kids – Guide & Reviews

Looking for a good quality push bike or balance bike for your child?

We have some tips to help you choose the right one plus reviews of the best ones you can buy right now in the UK.

What Is A Push Bike?

For a child, learning to ride a bike is harder than you think. Actions that seem intuitive – pedalling, balancing, keeping the handlebar straight etc. – are strange to kids. They have to learn them.

That’s why it’s better to start them with something more basic rather than a full bike.

You have three options: a tricycle, a training bike with stabilisers or a push bike.

Many experts and parents say a push bike, also referred to as a balance bike, is best for teaching children how to ride a bicycle.

It teaches them the most important concept of bike riding – how to balance.

Exactly how does a push bike help kids learn how to ride a bike?

It’s all in the design.

Unlike a normal bike, a tricycle or a training bike, a push bike has no pedals, no chain and hub and usually no brakes.

It’s very basic.

So how do kids ride it?

It’s meant to be pushed along using their feet. The child sits on the low seat such that their feet are planted firmly on the ground.

They then push off the ground with their feet to propel the bike.

At first they will rely a lot on their feet to keep the bike in control. But with time they learn to balance on the bike and can keep their feet off the ground for longer distances.

Within a couple of weeks, most kids are ready to move on to a two-wheeled bike where now they just need to learn how to pedal. That’s really easy once they’ve gotten the whole balancing thing.

Benefits of a Push Bike

  • It’s a fast and effective way of teaching kids how to ride a bike. From the get go, they learn how to use their own body – rather than depending on training wheels – to balance and control a bicycle.
  • Push bikes are usually cheaper than training bikes with stabilisers.
  • They make for great toys. They are like 2-wheeled scooters they can push around the yard all day long. Some push bikes even come with a basket and a tiny bell for more fun.

What To Consider When Buying a Push Bike

The most important thing is to buy the right size that will be comfortable, safe and easy to ride. Check the manufacturer’s age recommendations before buying a specific push bike.

Your child should be able to place their feet firmly on the ground when on the saddle.

Also make sure the bike is well-designed since it’s going to have to handle a lot of bumps and falls.

In terms of material, you can go for a metal bike or a more stylish wooden push bike. Both are good though you should be careful about the wooden one as it can get damaged by moisture if left outside.

Best Push Bike for Kids Reviews

1. KinderKraft Balance Push First Bike for Children

This is a beautiful push/balance bike made from birch wood. The reinforced wooden frame is hardy and durable so you don’t have to worry about your kids damaging it.

The bike is designed for 3 to 6 year olds to help them learn how to balance before they transition to a proper bike. You can also get it simply as a toy for use around the home.

The seat is set low to allow kids to comfortably push off the ground with their feet. It’s very comfortable, thanks to the soft fabric and padding. You can adjust it depending on your child’s height.

The handles are made from rubber to improve grip and bike control.

The bike itself is quite light, just 3kg. So it should be easy for kids to ride. The wheels are made from EVA foam so there’s no need to worry about punctures or pumping them with air.

What we like about it:

  • Carrying handle included for parent’s convenience.
  • Easy to assemble. All the tools you need are included.
  • Includes bell and bag.

2. deAO Ride On Toddlers Balance Motorbike

If you want to get your kid something more fun than a basic push bike, try this push motorbike.

Don’t worry; it’s lighter than it looks. It weighs just 3.7kg. It’s also very easy to use.

It works exactly like a push bike. There are no pedals so kids have to ride it by pushing off the ground with their feet. They can also just push it around with their hands.

It’s recommended for kids between 9 months and 3 years.

For younger kids, it can help improve hand-eye coordination. For older kids, you can use it to teach them how to balance.

The wheels are wide and hardy for increased stability and safety. Your kids can use it either inside or outside though not on wet surfaces.

The bike comes in a cool red colour and is designed to look like a real motorbike. So if you have a child who is obsessed with motorbikes, this makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift.

What we like about it:

  • Cool realistic design that your child will love.
  • Stable and sturdy design that is safe for kids as young as 1 year.
  • Easy to assemble and use. No extra tools or accessories needed.

3. Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Primary

This is one of the most versatile push bikes you can buy for your kid. It grows with them from around 9 months up until 3 years of age.

With each stage, you can modify the tricycle to offer your child a bigger challenge until they eventually learn how to ride a bike on their own.

It starts with a simple push trike for very young kids. There is a push bar for the parent. You simply place the child on the seat, secure them with the 5-point safety harness and make sure they are resting their feet on the foot rests.

As soon as their feet are strong and long enough to reach the pedals (around 1-2 years), remove the footrests and let them learn how to pedal.

Once they can pedal well enough on their own, remove the push bar.

After that, you can gradually adjust seat height as they grow taller.

The tricycle is made from durable metal and plastic. It will last through all your kid’s development stages without any damage.

A large overhead canopy comes in handy when you are pushing a young child around. There’s also a large storage bucket in the rear where kids can carry their stuff.

What we like about it:

  • Very versatile. It grows with your child.
  • Durable.
  • Safe for younger kids.

4. Duke Wooden Motorbike Balance Bike

Duke Wooden Motorbike Balance Bike

Another cool push motorbike if you don’t want to get the normal balance bike. This one is even cooler because it is made from wood, birch wood to be specific.

It’s great for 2-5 year olds and you can adjust the saddle to fit your child’s height.

It even comes with 4 age stickers for the years 2, 3, 4 and 5. Stick the right sticker at the front to personalize the bike.

This bike uses something called dampened steering to help kids steer better. Essentially, it helps kids keep the handlebar in the straight-on position, something most kids struggle with when they start riding a bike.

It has soft plastic grips on the handles, a soft padded seat for comfort and inflated tires ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The bike will come in separate parts but it takes just a few minutes to assemble. A carry handle is integrated into the frame for those times you need to carry the bike for your kid.

What we like about it:

  • Cool motorbike design.
  • Comfortable and safe to ride.
  • Adjustable seat height to suit different ages.

5. Trike Tots My First Ride-on Toddler Bike

This is a push tricycle. It’s 3-wheeled but lacks pedals to encourage kids to learn how to balance. You can also just get it as a fun ride-on toy for use inside the house or in the yard.

The tricycle design makes it more stable and thus safer for younger kids compared to a normal push bike. There is no risk of falling when they get on or off the trike.

If your kid is not ready to climb on it, they can also push it around for fun.

The plastic used is very sturdy and unlikely to get damaged even with frequent falls and mishandling. The wheels are also plastic and ideal for different kinds of surfaces including grass, hard flooring and carpeting.

The bike is designed for 2-5 year olds and can take a maximum weight of 32kg. Unfortunately you cannot adjust the handlebar or seat. But it should be good enough for the recommended age range.

What we like about it:

  • Cool design.
  • Can be used as a learning push bike or a toy.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable plastic material.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between a push bike and a balance bike?

It’s the same thing. Push bike and balance bike both refer to a type of bike without pedals or drive train, designed to teach kids how to balance and control a bike.

2. Do push bikes have brakes?

Most push bikes do not have brakes, since they are designed to work like a scooter.

3. What’s the best age for a push bike?

Most manufacturers recommend their push bikes for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. This ensures that the child is old enough to handle a push bike safely but not too big that they surpass the bike’s weight capacity.

You can also find a few push bikes for younger kids starting at 1 year of age.

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