Best Road Bike for Kids - Guide and Review

Riding a bike is probably one of the most important childhood milestone your kids will have. Feeling the wind in the hair and the perception of freedom is a valuable memory for your children.

Furthermore, a bike is a great form of exercise as well as a way to get your kids away from the television, computer, and video game and into the real world. Teaching your kids how to ride a bike is also a great memory for the parents as well.

Imagine their shining, happy faces when they realize they can ride a bicycle all on their own. See their joy as they reach this milestone. Cherish it while they are too young to drive a car. They can then pass this tradition on with their kids and make memories of their own.

While you want your kids to utilize the value of the bicycle, it is important to choose the right bike. You’ll want a quality bike that won’t break down while your kid is atop it.

You may think that every bike is one size fits all, but that assumption is false. Many bikes come with recommended leg size of the rider and age restrictions to further help your make your decision. Some are built for young racers while others are for leisure.

One important feature to look forward to is the color, as it is an easy way to make sure your kids are safe. Finally, the price should be a consideration. You do not want a very cheap option because chances are the quality may suffer.

However, you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a kid’s bike, so decide on a budget. You should definitely research some options before deciding on your perfect match.

Luckily, we do all the work for you. To further aid you in your quest, the following options can help you decide which bike is perfect for your little rugrat(s).

Recommended Product Reviews

1. Dawes 24” Road Sprint Bike

Dawes 24” Road Sprint Bike

Editor Rating:

With its light frame and junior specifications, the Dawes is a great starter bike for kids who dream on pursuing a racing profession.

With a bing bell attached, your kids can notify pedestrians of their presence, and the youngsters can learn to be safe and responsible riders.

The bike allows for 14 speeds and has a 24’ wheel and 14’ frame. The color, however, is a sleek black and neon yellow, which is perfect for being visually appealing as well as safe; the neon yellow will alert drivers of your child’s presence.


  • 24” Wheels
  • 14” Frame
  • 6061 Alloy frame
  • Junior specific components
  • Dawes Junior Road Saddle
  • Ping Bell

2. Mizani Swift 26, Youth Road Bike

Mizani Swift 26, Youth Road Bike

Editor Rating:

This road bike is a combination of performance, style, and quality with 14 speeds. The frame is lightweight made of a sturdy aluminum.

26” wheels are reinforced with double walled alloy racing rims. Overall, the design allows for aerodynamic riding and handling.

The 46 cm frame is perfect for those with a leg range of 62 cm to 73 cm. There is free delivery for this item.

It is important to note that this is known as a Boys bike. The design is sleek and impressive with just the right amounts of orange accents. Not much else is said about the product as it lacks any reviews or comments. Plus, delivery is free.


  • Lightweight 6061 alloy frame
  • 14 speed transmission from Shimano
  • 26” double walled rims
  • 23C slick road tires
  • Mizani Swift road saddle
  • A050 shifters and front and rear derailleurs

3. Muddyfox Kids Voyager 24 Boys Road Bike

Muddyfox Kids Voyager 24 Boys Road Bike

Editor Rating:

The voyager is perfect for the more advanced rider with 18 speed capability. It has a 14” steel bike frame for riding comfort.

This bike is recommended for ages 9 and above and is suited for kids whose legs measure 24-28 inches.

Make sure your choice is perfect for your kids measurements or else accidents can happen. This option is also only for boys.

In addition, Muddyfox sends their bikes as partially constructed, so you may have to put together the finished product; however, they do have a customer service line that can help you put your product together.

When built, it weighs 14kgs. The design incorporates vibrant and cool shades of red that your child will love.


  • 14” Steel Frame
  • Shimano 18 speed Tourney gears
  • 24” double walled alloy wheels
  • For leg measurements of 24-28 inches (ages 9 and older)
  • Mudguards for the front and rear
  • Junior Saddle

4. British Eagle Boy’s Road Bike

British Eagle Boy’s Road Bike

Editor Rating:

Need a good option for your younger riders?

This is the option for you.

Designed for kids ages 7 to 9, it is perfect for the younger siblings who want to be like their older counterparts.

20 inch wheels and 14 speed capabilities give this bike the necessary requirements to be the bike for your children. The look of this bike, with its bright orange accents, not only looks appealing to your kids, it also adds a safety feature to the bike.

Riders can’t miss the bright orange. The bike does come partially assembled, so you will be required to put in some work.

The frame is a lightweight steel for precision riding. With one review, this product was awarded 4 out of 5 stars with the message that it was a good purchase for that price.


  • 20” wheels
  • 14 speed Shimano transmission
  • Handlebar mounted brake levers
  • Alloy calliper brakes for responsiveness
  • 4x9 wheel spoke pattern
  • Deep wall rim graphics

5. Mizani Swift 24, Junior Road Bike

Mizani Swift 24, Junior Road Bike

Editor Rating:

Another option from Mazani, this bike is ready for any race and adventure.

The design provides an aerodynamic riding and improved handling.

The racing rims can help you build the speed you need to win.

With 14 speeds and slick road tires, you can really begin to get somewhere. The design has by far the most character with this design, incorporating shades of blue, white, and red. This is a lightweight and dynamic choice for your rider.


  • Lightweight 6061 alloy frame
  • Shimano 14 speed transmission
  • 9/16” road pedals with toe clips
  • 24’ alloy double walled rims
  • Steel hubs
  • Slick tires

Final Verdict

The choosing of a bike for your child is difficult. You want them to be safe, but they just want the bike that looks cooler. They also do not consider the price. Finally, you have to consider measurements and age limits.

Two of the choices are for specific ages, which will limit you in the future. Your child will grow; it’s inevitable. Therefore, finding a bike that will last them longer than 2 years is probably a priority.

So, let’s look at our options. Number 1 is under £200 and is classified as a junior bike; however, it does not limit the age of the rider. Therefore, it may be a good choice for you, especially if you have an older child. However, the website really doesn’t tell you much and it is currently unavailable.

Choice 2 signifies the specific measurements that your child should have for this bike; therefore, you can be sure of your choice. It is also of the Mizani brand, which seems to be a quality option. The price definitely hints that it is of better quality.

Number 3 is better for advanced riders because of the extra speed capability; however, if you are unsure about your kid flying down the street, than this may not be the option for you. However, it may be good for older riders.

Choice 4 is designed for younger riders, but it is essentially only good for 2 years before the child outgrows it. Therefore, this may be more expensive overall.

Option 5 is also a Mizani brand and seems like a quality product. It too is a bit more expensive than the others.

All in all, it seems like one of the Mizani bikes would be your best bet for your child. They look great and have quality construction. They also provide you with leg size so that you can be sure of your choice.

The other options are a bit of a gamble. Furthermore, they do not mention partial construction, which may mean that you do not need to put parts together. I think either of those bikes would suffice.

Jack C. Bennett

Jack Bennett is the founder and editor of In personal life he is a proud father of twins. He believes it is more important than ever before to encourage children to experience the joy of bike riding. Kids on bikes make as much sense as the sunshine in our world.

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