Best Electric Bike For Kids - Guide and Review

Parents have a seemingly endless list of factors to balance when it comes to their kids: they want them to be safe, but also to have fun, and then again to be healthy. Very few activities fit all of the criteria that parents have as well as all of the things that kids want - but among these, biking is at the top.

Kids love it, and parents are usually fairly reassured that bikes are safe, as long as kids are riding on the sidewalk and are supervised.

However, what do you do if your kids are too young to ride an actual bike, or if you are unable to supervise them as closely as you would like to?

Thankfully, electric bikes exist as an alternative that will satisfy children and parents alike. These are operated by a motor so they are generally more stable than push bikes, which rely on kids pushing their feet off the ground to move.

Electric bikes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different designs - some are made to look like motorcycles, while others are quad bikes that resemble kids’ versions of ATVs.

This means that electric bikes fuel kids’ imaginations and give them an outlet with which to express their creativity while having fun outdoors with their friends.

Best of all, they are safe; you won’t have to worry about kids crashing, falling, or being unable to control the bike, because it is especially made for young riders.

So you’ve decided that you want to buy an electric bike for your child. How can you decide which brand and model to buy, however? I’ve assembled a list of the best electric bikes for kids to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Recommended Product Reviews

1. Kids Ride-On Electric Quad Bike Recharge able Battery Powered Childrens ATV

Kids Ride-On Electric Quad Bike

Editor Rating:

This all-action kids ride-on electric quad bike is made to look like an ATV (all terrain vehicle) for those kids who have an adventurous spirit and a boundless supply of energy to match.

The theme for this bike is “easy” - easy to assemble, easy to operate, and easy to supervise.

I found that the simple assembly is made even more clear with included assembly instructions, and the push-button control means that there are no complicated knobs or pedals to figure out.

I would especially recommend this model for the foot platform, which is integrated into the bike for extra comfort and safety. The battery is rechargeable so that you can always be assured a steady supply of energy.

Best of all, this bike is incredibly affordable, making it the best in value by far out of all the models in this list; it makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for your child. You can also gift it to the kids of your friends, or your young nieces or nephews, to really make their day!

2. Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike Child Ride

Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike Child Ride

Editor Rating:

This is a seemingly two-wheeled bike, unlike the previous model, and is specially designed to look like a motorcycle.

However, in reality, kids do not need to worry about having to balance on their own, as the Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike has extra wheels attached to the back that stabilize the toy and allow for a smooth ride.

I would recommend this bike for young riders who want the feeling of being on a powerful two-wheeled bike but who aren’t actually ready for that yet.

The design is especially appealing to kids; the bike comes in yellow or green colors, and it comes with bright front headlights and several sound effects, including musical and horn ones.

The battery can last for up to 45 minutes of constant riding, and the bike can go at a speed of up to 2.5 kilometers per hour (which is just fast enough to make your child feel like they’re having fun but not so fast that it is actually dangerous).

This bike is perfect for kids aged five to eight years old, and it comes with an instruction manual as well as screws for assembly. I especially appreciated that this bike, like the previous one, is definitely affordable, as it is on the lower end of the price range.

3. Kids Rocket Harley Cruiser Bike Ride On 12v Electric / Battery Motorbike

Kids Rocket Harley Cruiser Bike

Editor Rating:

This bike is the definition of riding luxury - built to look like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, painted in bright pink and with all of the accessories you could ever desire, it hardly looks made for a child.

But it is, and that’s why kids love it so much; they feel like they are experiencing something meant for grown-ups, although the parents know that it’s actually completely safe and specially designed for kids.

This bike has two different speeds and can go in two directions: forward and reverse. It has a working light and comes with a storage box and two batteries. I loved seeing kids’ reactions to getting to ride this bike, as such joyful expressions are always a pleasure to watch!

Although this bike is a little bit pricier than the other two, it is still technically in the middle of the range among models of its type, and definitely a bargain for the features it offers.

4. Kids Rocket DB500 Electric / Battery Scrambler Dirt Bike 38v Motorbike

Kids Rocket DB500 Electric-Battery Scrambler Dirt Bike

Editor Rating:

This bike definitely evokes the image of a dirt bike; it has a powerfully built engine and offers three different speeds to boot.

Because of this, it’s meant for older kids, as opposed to the three previous models, which all are suitable for younger kids who don’t yet know how to actually ride a bike.

That being said, I really appreciated the safety features on this bike, which features a hand-operated front and rear brake, which means that your kids will have significant control over the way that they ride.

A downside of this model, however, is the price; it’s on the upper end of the cost spectrum and costs almost ten times as much as some of the cheaper models also included in this ranking.

However, if you’re looking for a bike that would suit an adventurous kid who won’t settle for anything “easier”, this is definitely the route to go.

5. New 12V Ride on Quad Bike for Kids Battery powered electric car

New 12V Ride on Quad Bike

Editor Rating:

This quad bike seems to offer the best of both worlds: it is powerfully-built and sleekly designed so that kids feel like they are getting the best experience possible rather than being coddled with “safety features”.

However, because it operates on four wheels, it is significantly safer than a two-wheeled bike, such as the Kids Rocket DB500 Electric / Battery Scrambler Dirt Bike 38v Motorbike listed previously.

I really liked the rechargeable battery system on this bike, which is convenient to use and lasts a long time.

The top speed on this bike is 7.5 kilometers per hour when set in high speed mode, which can seem fast but is still definitely safe for young riders as long as the proper precautions are taken; always wear shoulder and knee pads and a helmet, and teach your kids the rules of the “road” (or, rather, the sidewalk).

I also recommend this bike for the forward and reverse gears, which make operating it so much easier and more convenient. I also found the price to be very affordable, which is always helpful when you’re trying to come to a decision about which bike is your preference.

Final Verdict

In order to come to a decision on which of the above models is the best electric bike for kids, I carefully considered several factors.

First, safety; would I feel comfortable having my kids ride this bike, and what kind of features does it offer to protect young riders? Second, appeal; do kids get excited by the idea of riding this bike?

Would I want to give this as a gift to a friend or a relative? And finally, price; is it affordable, or at the very least, is it worth the money that you pay for it? With all of these in mind, I would recommend the Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike Child Ride to anyone who is trying to decide between the options that are available.

This bike meets all of the points I mentioned nicely; for example, the safety features are great, starting with the support wheels that keep the bike stable without detracting from its visual appearance or its appeal for kids.

The long battery life (45 minutes of constant riding - enough to make any child feel satisfied), easy assembly, and pleasing appearance all added to the effect for me; I could definitely see my kids riding it and enjoying themselves immensely.

Best of all, this is one of the most affordable bikes on this list - and as a result, that makes it worth the money. You can find this model and many others on Amazon, so you can get started on purchasing your electric kids bike today.

Jack C. Bennett

Jack Bennett is the founder and editor of In personal life he is a proud father of twins. He believes it is more important than ever before to encourage children to experience the joy of bike riding. Kids on bikes make as much sense as the sunshine in our world.

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