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Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Introduction This bike is heavy duty enough to handle anything thrown at it.  It’s the best thing for a bike to be durable enough to handle your children riding it.  If they have never ridden a bike before, this is an excellent bike for teaching them. It has solid rubber tires that will run over […]

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Chicco Arrow Balance Bike Review

Introduction When your children are young, teaching them proper riding techniques is critical.  This bike will help younger children learn the proper techniques and postures for riding a bike. The tires are heavy duty, which allows them to go over rough terrain easily.  The bike is ultralight, which is ideal for a child that is […]

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Kettler Speedy Balance Bike Review

Introduction Most child’s bikes can get scratched and destroyed when the child is riding it around, and they drop it on the ground.  The steel tubing provides excellent durability to withstand any dropping on the ground. It has synthetic wheels that give it an unexpected quality.  They won’t break down easily.  The bike does allow […]

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Chicco Bullet Balance Bike Review

Introduction This little bike is ultralight, which is ideal for letting your child learn how to ride a bike.  They will have complete control over the bike while they’re riding around. They will learn how to balance properly, which will prepare them for when they’re big enough to ride a larger bike.  It is height […]

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Puky Lr1 Balance Bike Review

Introduction This early learning bike can help your child learn how to ride.  It’s recommended for younger children, and they’ll love the red and yellow colors on the bike.  The pneumatic tires prevent them from going flat easily. They make the bike more comfortable for your kids to ride around.  It does have adjustable parts […]

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