Best Bike For 3 Year Old: Bikestar Sport Kids Bike Review

Best Bike For 3 Year Old
best bike for 3 year old

Product Name: Bikestar Sport Kids Bike

Product Description: While your 3 year old may not care for anything other than cool styling, there’s a lot more you need to consider when buying them a bike. This 12” sports bike for kids from Bikestar checks all the requirements – safe, lightweight, durable and size-adjustable. As for the cool factor, you can choose from 10 different styles including pink & white, blue & red, brilliant green and others.

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  • Design
  • Performance
  • Safety


If you are looking for a bike that will last long enough to be used by two or three kids, the Bikestar 12” bike is a great choice. It looks cool, is easy to ride and is guaranteed to last for years.



  • Well-made and high quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Child-friendly design
  • Safety features


  • Takes time to assemble
  • A bit big for some 3-year olds

What Are You Buying?

1. 12” Bike with Adjustable Steering and Saddle

12” is the perfect size for a 3-4 year old. It is not too heavy for them to handle and the height is just right for them.

To get the perfect ride height, you can adjust both the steering and the saddle.

Make sure that they can reach the handles without leaning over too much and the saddle is at a height that allows them to plant their feet firmly on the ground when seated.

The adjustable steering and saddle is handy as they grow. You can keep adjusting the height upwards until the bike gets too small for them.

2. Safety Features – Child-Friendly Brakes and Reflectors

Safety is an obviously important factor when buying a bike for a kid. This bike comes with several safety features.

It uses child-friendly brakes. There are actually two types of brakes: an easy-to-use handbrake on the right handlebar and a coaster or back pedal brake.

The back pedal brake is helpful for kids who cannot yet use the handbrake. Just turning the pedals backwards activates the coaster brakes and brings the bike to a safe stop.

For kids who find that hard to do, the handbrake is just as easy to use.

For improved visibility, there are reflectors all around the bike including the back, the front on the wheels and on the pedals.

Training wheels are also included for kids who haven’t yet learnt to balance. You can adjust their height or take them off completely as they get better.

3. Well Made

This is a German-made bike. So the quality is really good. You can expect the bike to last for years even with rough use.

The main framework is made from steel and finished with impact-resistance metallic paint.

The chain guard and bottom bracket are fully enclosed. This protects your child’s fingers and legs and protects the chain and ball bearings from dust and debris.

4. Cool Styling

The bike has a cool sports design that any kid will love. It comes complete with mudguards, a rear seat and decals.

Whatever their favourite colour is, I’m sure you’ll find it among the 10 styles available.

How Easy Is It To Use?

You’ll have to assemble the bike when it’s delivered. But it’s fairly easy to put it together.

It takes about 15 to 30 minutes depending on how good you are with basic tools. The manual has clear instructions and there’s also a video you can watch on YouTube or the manufacturer’s website.

Once assembled, the bike is easy to ride.

For young kids who have not yet learnt how to ride, remember to put on the training wheels. If your child already knows how to balance, install the side stand instead.

The bike has a low-entry design. Your kid doesn’t have to struggle to lift their leg high over the crossbar.

Adjusting various parts including the saddle, steering and brakes is easy using basic tools.

What Accessories Are Included?

Everything you need to put the bike together is included. This includes the following accessories: mudguards, stabiliser/training wheels, bell, kickstand and luggage rack.

You don’t need to buy anything else.


  • Well-made – a high quality bike that will last for years.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Child-friendly design and features.
  • Plenty of safety features.


  • Takes quite a bit of time to assemble (around 30 minutes).
  • A bit big for some 3-year olds.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Several parents reported that their kids were having some difficulties with the back pedal brakes when the stabilisers are off.

Whenever they pedal backwards, the bike immediately stops and they start to fall.

When your child starts riding the bike, I recommend teaching them to pedal forwards only.

They can use the handbrake at the beginning. You can then teach them how to use the back pedal brake later when they have learnt how to control the bike properly.


When you are buying a bike for your kids, avoid cheap low quality bikes that break in just a few weeks.

You can still get an affordable bike that is well made. The Bikestar 12” bike is a good example.

It looks cool, is easy to ride and is guaranteed to last for years.

If you are looking for a bike that will last long enough to be used by two or three kids, this is it.

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