Which Is The Best Kids Bike Seat On The UK Market?

A child’s bike seat makes it easy to bring your kid along on errands or when riding for fun.

There are many different styles available. Most are rear mounted but you can also get one that mounts at the front.

In this buying guide, we review the best kids bike seats available in the UK.

Obviously, the main factor when shopping for a child’s bike seat is safety. All our top picks below come with plenty of safety features to ensure your child is safe and comfortable including a harness and footrests.

In addition to safety, there are a few other things to keep in mind when comparing different styles and designs of bike seats.

What to consider when choosing the best Kids Bike Seat

1. Safety features

Look for a seat with a multi-point belt system to keep your child securely in place especially when riding on a bumpy road or trail.

Note: Not all kids bike seats need a harness system. For older kids, you can get a shotgun seat that looks like your own bike seat. As long as your child can hold firmly onto the handlebars (or a handlebar extension), they’ll be safe. These type of seats are usually ideal for ages 2 and upwards.

The seat should also have foot protection in form of footrests. These provide a comfortable place for them to place their feet and protects their delicate toes and feet.

Remember, some of the safety responsibly is up to you. Make sure you don’t exceed the manufacturer-recommended weight and age limit.

Your child should also have a helmet on anytime they are on the bike.

2. Comfortable and Adjustable

We highly recommend getting a bike seat that you can adjust to fit your child’s size perfectly. A good fit is important for comfort and safety.

An adjustable bike seat also allows your child to keep using it even as they grow older, up to a certain age obviously.

Other comfort features to look for include a padded bottom and backrest, footrests or foot pegs and a comfortable belt system that can be adjusted.

3. Style and Design

This one depends on your preferences.

You can get a rear or front mounted bucket seat with a safety harness. This design keeps kids safe and is comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about your child falling off even when the bike tips slightly.

Bucket seats are also safer for younger kids under two years of age.

Older kids however might demand to sit exactly like daddy or mummy. For such a child, we recommend a shotgun sear.

It mounts on the front and doesn’t have a harness. It’s great if you want to introduce your kid to mountain biking before they get their own bikes.

4. Ease of use

Look for a seat with features like quick lock system, quick release and no-tool adjustment. These features make the seat easier to mount and the harness quick to secure.

You can also adjust the fit of the seat wherever you are without needing any tools.

Reviews of the Best Kids Bike Seats

1. Thule 100105 Front Mount Bicycle Child Seat

The Thule bike child seat is designed to be mounted at the front of the bicycle, giving your kid a great view of the road.

It attaches securely to the handlebar stem using a mounting bracket. The bracket is easy to mount on any type of bike including MTBs.

Once you’ve attached the bracket, installing and removing the seat itself is incredibly easy. It quickly locks into place with a handy indicator showing you when it’s secure.

Under the seat is a quick release lever that allows you to detach the seat without any tools. You can leave the mounting bracket on the bike for easy seat attachment next time you go on a ride.

For increased safety and to prevent theft, the Thule seat comes with a key that locks the seat in place from underneath.

The seat has all the safety and comfort features you need.

A 5-point harness system keeps your child in place. The backrest and bottom are padded for comfort especially on longer rides.

Your child can rest their feet on the adjustable footrests. A strap on each footrest keeps them from raising their feet when you are on the go.

They have their own handlebar that’s covered with a soft padding.

The bike seat doesn’t alter your riding mechanics that much. The bottom of the seat is at handlebar height so your knees won’t keep hitting it. It also doesn’t force you to widen your legs.

However, you’ll need to extend your hands a little more than usual to reach around the seat and hold the handlebars.

The Thule seat is designed for 9 month olds up to 3 years and a max weight of 15 kg.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Adjustable to keep up with a growing child.
  • Ideal for infants and toddlers.
  • Easy to attach and remove.

2. Prophete Safety Child Seat for Rear of Bike

This is a cheaper alternative to the Thule bike. It’s also a good choice of you prefer a rear-mounted child bike seat.

It mounts on the rear bike tube and can hold a weight of up to 22kg, seven more than the Thule seat. It’s designed for 26-28 inch bikes, including mountain and road bikes.

A 3-point belt keeps your child safe in the seat while adjustable footrests ensure they are comfortable. The footrests have straps to keep their feet secured.

The way the seat is designed, your child’s feet and legs are protected from the bicycle spokes. Even if they wiggle or move their legs, the spoke guards provide a protective barrier.

The seat has a soft cushioning that keeps your child comfortable on long rides and over uneven trails.

Overall, the Prophete child bike seat is a great and pocket-friendly choice for most parents.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable seat with padding and footrests.
  • Adjustable.
  • Easy to mount and unmount.

3. Polisport 67865 Bicycle Child’s Seat

If you are looking for an affordable front-mounted child bike seat, we recommend this one by Polisport. Though not as fancy as the Thule seat, it’s perfect for most parents.

Like the Thule seat, it mounts on the bike stem using an easy-to-install bracket. The bottom of the seat is comfortably above your knees to make sure you can still ride comfortably and safely.

The leg guards drop further down but towards the front of the bike where they won’t be in the way.

The seat is very comfortable and secure. It has a 3-point harness and a padded backrest and bottom.

The leg guards support your child’s legs while a pair of footrests provides a comfortable place to rest their feet. You can adjust the footrests to one of the five levels depending on your kid’s age and height.

An arched handlebar provides a comfortable place to rest their hands.

The seat is easy to install. All parts and all necessary tools are included. The bike features a quick release button to make it easy to remove the seat without any tools.

The only complaint from customers is that the plastic handlebar is not the best quality. It can sometimes come off when riding.

The handle is mostly for comfort, not safety. So don’t worry that your child will fall if it comes off. The 3-point harness is very secure.

What we like about it:

  • An affordable front-mounted bike seat.
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Easy to install and remove.

4. Raleigh Avenir Snug Carrier Fitting Child Seat

This is another good choice if you are looking for an affordable child bike seat. It costs about the same as the Prophete and Polisport seats and shares most of their features.

There’s the 3-point safety belt that locks easily and quickly. The Raleigh seat has a similar 22kg weight limit. The minimum weight limit is 9kg, which corresponds to a 1-year old child. The seat itself weighs 2.3kg.

A pair of footrests provide a comfortable and secure place for your child to place their feet. You can raise or lower them to fit your child’s height.

You can also adjust the harness for a snug fit around your child.

The seat comes with all the parts and fixings you need to fit it at the rear of your bike.

What we like about it:

  • Adjustable belt and footrests allow the bike to keep up with your growing child.
  • Comfortable seat padding.
  • Spoke guards.
  • Easy to assemble and mount.

5. SHOTGUN Kids Bike Seat for Mountain Bikes

A bucket seat with a harness is safe and comfortable for most kids. But your kid might want a more realistic and thrilling experience on the trails.

The Shotgun kids bike seat gives your child a front-seat experience, literary, in mountain biking.

It mounts at the front of the bike on the frame. Because it is not bulky like other kids seats – it’s just a mini saddle with a mounting stem – it won’t affect your riding comfort.

You can position it closer to the handlebar or a bit further back depending on your bike size and the age of the child.

Just make sure that you can ride comfortable and that the front tyre has clearance to turn.

Because there is no safety harness and your child has to hold onto the handlebars, the Shotgun seat is meant for 2-5 year olds. It has a weight limit of 22kgs.

It has a pair of footrests that you can adjust to fit your child’s height. There are also straps to keep their feet secured.

Installing the bike is easy and fast. Everything you need is included.

Where the stem grips your bike frame, there’s a rubber padding to prevent scratches or damage on your allow or carbon frame.

Once you install the seat the first time, a quick release fitting allows you to remove it in just a few seconds.

Overall, the Shotgun bikes is a great choice for mountain biking enthusiasts who’d love a safe but exciting way to introduce their kids to the sport.

What we like about it:

  • Great for parents looking to introduce their kids to mountain biking.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Protective rubber for your bike frame.
  • Lots of fun for kids – more fun than traditional child bike seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the minimum age for a child to use a bike seat?

Most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 9-12 months for a child to use a bike seat. This is the age at which they can comfortably hold up their head and wear a helmet.

This applies only for kids bike seats with a safety harness. For shotgun seats without a harness, the minimum age recommendation is usually 2 years. At this age, a child can support themselves on the handlebar or a handlebar attachment.

2. Can you put a child’s bike seat on an electric bike?

Many rear kids bike seats are not compatible with e-bikes, especially those with a pannier rack battery. But you can find some that can work with a pannier rack battery.

If you are having trouble finding a compatible rear seat for your e-bike, consider getting a front-mounted bike seat.

3. How easy is it to remove a kids bike seat once you install it?

Most kids bike seats have a quick release system that detaches it from the base. You can quickly remove the seat when you want to for a solo ride or when you leave the bike where the seat could be stolen.

If you and your partner often take turns riding with your kid, get a second base or holder for the second bike. Then you can quickly and easily swap the bike seat between the bikes.

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