9 Tips On How To Drive An Electric Scooter Safely

Electric scooters for kids have become very popular these days. They provide huge fun but can also be potentially dangerous if the correct safety rules are not adhered to.

You ought to tell your child to drive an electric scooter carefully and attentively since most accidents happen when kids lose concentration on the environment around them. There are certain safety rules and tips you need to educate your child on driving an electric scooter. They are:

1. Dressing In Proper Protective Gear

Sometimes, accidents are inevitable and that’s why you need to ensure that your kid is always wearing proper protective gear. There is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to the safety of your kid and so, here are some of the protective gear you can buy for your scooter-riding child.

Starting from the head to the feet, your child needs a helmet, mouth guard, shoulder straps, elbow straps, gloves, knee straps and ankle caps.

2. Inspect The Tires

Having tires that are in good condition contribute greatly to your child safety while the converse is also true. Since you cannot always be there when your kid is driving his or her electric scooter, teach your kid how to inspect the tires before setting off.

Some of the things they should look at are the tire pressure and the general condition of the tire. Help your child inspect the trend on the scooter’s tire to determine if the tire can sustain a safe drive or if it needs replacement.

3. Watch The Road And The Surrounding Environment Carefully

Train your child to concentrate fully on the road and be observant enough to ensure they are ready to react to spontaneous incidents that may occur. Teach your kids the importance of maintaining an eye on the entire road to help keep their scooter on the right path.

4. Watch Out For Road Imperfections

Ensure that your kid is well educated to watch out for road imperfections such as speed bumps, potholes, and puddles. Statistically, these imperfections are known to be a cause of most accidents. Advise your kid not to panic and swerve when approaching a speed bump or pothole while driving at a high speed.

In such a situation, kids should stay calm and gradually try to slow down while embracing for impact to avoid falling off the scooter or colliding with other motorists.

During rainy seasons when puddles have formed on the road, you should ensure that your kid drives the electric scooter slowly since some of them may cause ultimate damage to the scooter.

5. Slippery Surfaces

Children should be extra cautious when driving electric scooters over slippery surfaces such as wet roads, muddy roads, over railway lines, etc. These surfaces are difficult to navigate. So, your kid should always maintain a relaxed speed in which he or she can navigate the scooter safely with ease.

6. The Art Of Applying Brakes

The most common mistake kids make when driving electric scooters is applying the front brakes. Using the front brakes greatly increases the chances of the scooter slipping. It is always advisable to use the rear brakes to help maintain a steady motion while breaking.

Another art of braking that your kid needs to learn is gentle breaking. Applying brakes aggressively increases the chances of the scooter experiencing a lock in the wheels. When the wheel locks due to intensive braking, it throws off the balance of the scooter which ends in your kid falling off.

Applying brakes gently helps maintain your kid’s balance while gradually bringing the scooter to a steady stop.

7. Be Calm And Relaxed While Driving In The Rain

Driving in the rain can be frightening, especially for kids who have gone a long distance from home. Advise them never to panic, but instead, maintain a relaxed mind and body to navigate them home safely.

8. Stop Riding When Lightning Storm Hits

Even if your kid likes driving the scooter in the rain, you should make sure that your loved one is aware that he/she should stop riding when lightning hits. Lightning is dangerous, and may cause severe damage, which may end up in a fatality. Make sure that your kid knows how to stop and look for shelter when a lightning hits.

9. Wear Visible Clothing and Gear

Wearing visible gear especially during the night may be a difference between life and death to your electric scooter driving kid. If your kid is wearing colors that blend with the road and the surrounding area, he or she may increase the chances of being hit by another vehicle.

Ensure that your kid has clothing and gear that is visible from a faraway distant. Such clothing and gear include a reflective jacket or coat, helmet, knee and shoulder pads, etc.

Driving electric scooters is full of fun. It’s a recreational activity for kids and should remain as such without endangering the kids’ lives or the lives of people around them. Applying the above mentioned tips will ensure that your kid continues to enjoy driving electric scooters safely.

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