Kettler Speedy Balance Bike Review


Most child’s bikes can get scratched and destroyed when the child is riding it around, and they drop it on the ground.  The steel tubing provides excellent durability to withstand any dropping on the ground.

It has synthetic wheels that give it an unexpected quality.  They won’t break down easily.  The bike does allow for younger children to ride the bike, which is ideal for teaching them how to ride.

There is a braking system to help them slow down without jumping off the bike to stop.  It’s an excellent bike that your children will love to ride around the neighborhood.


The bike is made from steel tubing, and it makes up the frame of the bike.  The frame is coated with a scratch resistant coating, which is ideal when a young child has a bike.

You won’t need to worry about the bike losing any of its appeal.  They’ll be able to use the bike for a few years, and will take anything thrown at it.


The wheels are mounted and include ball bearings to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.  The tires are synthetic, and they require little maintenance.

If you’re a parent that doesn’t have a lot of time to fix up bike tires, this is the bike you’ll want.  Your kids will be able to ride around on the tires for a long time before they need to be replaced.


The seat is adjustable, which is ideal for any young child that is growing.  They will be able to position the seat in the correct spot to ride comfortably.  The seat is padded, which adds to the comfort level of the bike.

It’s the ideal way for your kid to learn, especially when they don’t want to get off of the seat.  It should last them until they get too big for the bike.


The brake system is a simple hand brake that your child can pull quickly when they need to stop.  The safety handles add extra padding so their hands don’t wear through the padding.

They’ll be able to have the proper grip on the bike when they’re riding around.  Most child’s bikes have brakes attached to the pedals, so teaching them to use their hands will give them a head start.


Your child will learn how to properly balance the bike when they’re riding.  It’s the best way to make sure they know how to properly ride the bike.

They’ll be able to catch on quickly, which will help them when they’re ready to upgrade.  You will be putting your child years ahead of their time when they’re using this bike.

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  • Brake handles teach them proper techniques
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid rubber tires


  • Saddle may not be completely secured

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How low does the seat go?

A: It is about 30 cm.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a bike your child can learn to ride quickly and easily, this is the bike they should use.  It has everything they need to learn how to ride, and the braking system is ideal for teaching them proper braking.

The seat is adjustable, which allows your child to use the bike for a couple of years.  While the saddle may not secure completely on the bike, they’ll be able to ride comfortably.

It’s the best way to instill confidence and teach them the proper riding technique.  You and your children will love having this bike around.

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