Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review


This bike is heavy duty enough to handle anything thrown at it.  It’s the best thing for a bike to be durable enough to handle your children riding it.  If they have never ridden a bike before, this is an excellent bike for teaching them.

It has solid rubber tires that will run over rocks and sticks without slowing them down.  It does have adjustable parts to help your child learn how to properly ride a bike.  They will be able to find their balance easily on the bike, which will come in handy in the future.


When your child is learning how to ride a bike, teaching them balance is the first important step.  They can learn how to coordinate the bike so that it responds quickly to their movements.

The steering of the bike is ideal for teaching them how to position the bike to go in the direction they want to go. They’ll be able to learn quickly using this bike.

Hand Grips

The solid rubber hand grips will give your child the best chance of holding onto the bike while they’re riding.  The grips won’t break through the handlebars, thanks to their thick ends.

Your child can set the bike down on its side without tearing through the hand grips.  They’ll have ultimate control while they’re riding around, and learning how to steer the bike.


The seat of the bike is adjustable to give your child a comfortable riding position.  They won’t want to get off the bike when they’re learning how to ride.  The seat is padded to provide extra comfort while they’re on the bike.

They will love sitting on the bike, whether they’re riding around or not.  It’s a good way to get them to be comfortable on the bike.


The twelve-inch rubber tires provide excellent quality and durability to last a long time.  Your child will love riding around on the bike, especially when they’re riding over rocks and sticks.

The tires make any ride comfortable and easy to learn when they’re starting out.  They’ll build confidence and want to keep riding when it’s time to come in.  It’s an excellent way to get them excited about riding.


The bike is small and lightweight enough so you can take it anywhere you go.  Whether you’re going to the park or right down the road, the bike will be able to fit in your vehicle.

It’s the perfect combination of comfort and portability, which will make your child excited to ride it.  When you see your child riding around with a huge grin on their face, you know they love the bike.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent quality
  • Perfect design


  • The seat may cause irritation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the seat adjustable?

A: Yes, it is.  There are three height settings on it.

Q: What is the maximum height of the seat?

A: It is 41 cms.

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Final Verdict

When you’re trying to teach your child how to ride a bike, you want one that is durable, and easy to transport.  This bike will do that for you, and your child will learn how to ride around quickly.

It’s an excellent first bike for any young child that has never ridden before.  The seat may not be suitable for every child, but there are ways to remedy the seat.

It’s an excellent bike for your child to start riding around and figuring out their balance and posture.  Both you and your child will love the way the bike works to help them learn to ride.

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